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Outlier Futurecargo Shorts

Outlier Releases Cargo Shorts That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

The Outlier Futurecargo Shorts shed the stigma surrounding cargo shorts by using a streamlined design that still has plenty of pocket space.

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$ 248

What do you typically think of when you hear the words “cargo shorts”? An image of tan, bulky, with blocky pockets and covers flapping open likely fills your mind. While that’s the case with most cargo shorts, it’s anything but with the Outlier Futurecargo Shorts. These shorts perfectly combine business casual shorts with cargo, giving you a streamlined design that’s not bulky and yet gives you the pocket space you expect from shorts with the word cargo in the title.

Outlier makes each pair of the Futurecargo by using 97 percent nylon and 3 percent elastane, which gives you a comfortable, stretchy material that isn’t as bulky or heavy as your standard pair of cargo shorts. The highly breathable fabric is woven in Sweden and comes with dual waist cincher, rear welt pockets, gusseted snap shut pockets, plus a number of other bells and whistles that give you the pocket space of cargo shorts with the look of everyday casual shorts.