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Meet Vollebak’s Hemp And Black Algae T Shirt

Water repellent, antibacterial, and UV resistant, the Hemp and Black Algae T Shirt gets more comfortable with every wear.

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The team at Vollebak has come up with yet another eco-friendly T shirt, the Vollebak Hemp and Black Algae T Shirt, a stunning black T shirt that is as easy on the environment as it is on the eyes. As the name suggests, black algae – which grows in ponds – is capable of being turned into a black dye every bit as rich and eye-catching as carbon black pigment without any harmful environmental consequences.

The first version of this earth-friendly T shirt was released in 2021 and was made out of pulped eucalyptus. For the newly-released second version of the shirt, though, Vollebak decided to make the shirt using hemp – a widely misunderstood material that also happens to be both incredibly durable and eco-friendly. This combination of sustainable materials makes the Vollebak Hemp and Black Algae T Shirt an excellent choice for anyone who wants to help save the planet and look great doing it.

Widely recognized as the most versatile and timeless clothing color, black apparel typically is a result of using a petroleum product in its manufacture. Meaning that every black shirt, dress, and pair of pants produced takes a toll on the environment. Not only does producing the heavy petroleum required to make carbon black pigment require stripping vast tracts of land, but it also creates a troubling amount of greenhouse gasses. Fortunately, we are seeing more and more companies like Vollebak seeking other methods to create clothing that uses eco-friendly materials.

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