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Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection

Introducing The Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection

The collection uses an eco-friendly dye compound that includes madder, indigo, tea leaves, and bark to achieve its inky black hue.

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Reigning Champ has released its Kyoto Black Collection, which consists of a range of apparel styled for comfort and flexibility. Kyoto is an imperial dye house located in the town of Mibu, Japan. Since 1915, Kyoto has been dedicated to producing one color of fabric: black. The process Kyoto uses to dye fabric is by way of a mixture of indigo, tea leaves, bark, and other elements that result in this particular hue. Honed over a century, its process evolved through competition to produce the deepest shade of black for dyeing traditional kimonos and Japanese formal wear.

The Kyoto Black Collection consists of garments that received this special dying treatment. They are some of the Reigning Champ’s finest, including its t-shirt, pullover hoodie, and slim sweatpants, as well as the “relaxed” version of each of them, providing a looser fit than the brand’s standard products. The pants are a sweatpant with a tapered leg and pockets that are lined with the softest jersey. Rib cuffs hug the ankles and waistband snugly but comfortably. The Kyoto Black pullover hoodie has semi-raglan sleeves and again features ribbed cuffs. A basic Kyoto Black t-shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn with anything, including under a jacket. Soft and flattering, the cut is designed to highlight the body’s fitness. Sleeves are just short enough to show off arm musculature. Perhaps the best feature of the Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection is its ability to maintain its deep black color through multiple washings. These are essential pieces that will enhance any wardrobe.

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