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Modernica x Reigning Champ: Series 001

Modernica x Reigning Champ: Series 001

This particular type of high-pressure fiberglass molding was popularized in the 50s era modernism design movement.

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Furniture and accessory brand, Modernica and Reigning Champ have partnered for an exclusive collaboration to release the Modernica x Reigning Champ: Series 001. Drawing inspiration from the monochromatic elements of its signature Spalding basketball, Reigning Champ has reimagined the fiberglass molded Arm Shell Rocker and Side Shell Chair with 100% full-grain aniline leather upholstery. For its part, Modernica is responsible for revitalizing the almost lost art of high-pressure fiberglass molding. Since 1999, the company has consistently produced the chairs as they were originally created, preserving the legacy of the craft of fiberglass molding.

Both the Fiberglass Side Shell Chair and Fiberglass Case Study Arm Shell Rocker are easily among the most important and recognizable designs of the twentieth century. They were originally designed in 1948, as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition. At the time, no one could possibly have anticipated the massive success and longevity of this iconic design. Each is designed with modern spaces in mind and embraces a minimalist approach by combining elevated material selections with original components. The series also includes a Midweight Terry Stadium Blanket, with tonal 1×1 rib edges and a co-branded woven label to complement the series.

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