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Danese Milano x Monocle Timor Perpetual Calendar

Introducing The Iconic Danese Milano x Monocle Timor Perpetual Calendar

With its perpetual design, the Timor calendar can be used year after year, making it an enduring calendar choice.

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$ 180

Initially created for Italian manufacturer Danese Milano by the late great modernist Enzo Mari in 1967, the Timor table calendar was an instant hit and remains a classic today, maintaining its popularity decades later. While there are countless devices within the modern home that are able to keep the date to say nothing of the numerous apps available, there is just something novel and charming about seeing the date displayed in a classic analog way. The Danese Milano x Monocle Timor Perpetual Calendar in olive is made in Italy and comes with PVC cards highlighting days and months.

The date is fanned out from the fixed central point and provides easy-to-read access to the date at various locations in a room. The calendar can be placed on a desk or on a shelf, wherever a person might enjoy viewing it, so it can easily be updated on a daily basis. During this time when days tend to blend together, thanks to a global pandemic that has caused many to have to forego their normal workday routine, having a reminder of exactly what day it is— both in terms of day and date— is extremely helpful.

The Danese Milano x Monocle Timor Perpetual Calendar itself is in signature olive green, indicative of its era, being originally designed in 1967. The day of the week is highlighted by a salmon-hued color to make it pop, so it’s easy to see even with a cursory glance. While the calendar looks like something from decades ago, its classic functionality provides a much-needed and welcome return to simplicity in these complex times.

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