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Vitra x Jasper Morrison EVO-C

Vitra and Jasper Morrison Unveil The Sculptural EVO-C Cantilever Chair

The classic chair is reimagined using recyclable polypropylene.

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When is a chair a work of minimalist art? When it’s the soon-to-be-released Vitra x Jasper Morrison EVO-C Cantilever Chair. This classic chair is renowned for its uncommon design, where the seating and framework are not supported by the typical four legs. Rather, the chair is held erect and aloft by two legs that are attached to one end of the chair’s seat and bent in an L shape. It is an intentionally austere design, but Jasper Morrison, partnering with Vitra Furniture Design in Switzerland, has created a reimagined graceful, colorful chair.

Using modern production techniques to create a chair that has the strength and durability of steel-based counterparts, the entire EVO-C is made from recyclable polypropylene. In addition, hollow, tube-like components flow seamlessly into the planar surfaces of the seat and back to provide strength and rigidity. The EVO-C is 32 inches tall and 20 inches long. The seat is 17.25 inches off the ground and 17.75 inches deep, while the back is 14 inches tall. The EVO-C will be available to purchase at the end of November and will be offered in mint, light mint, and poppy red and has a matte finish.