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Eames Eucalyptus LTR Table

Eames Eucalyptus LTR Table

The beauty of this table is in its simplicity and the marriage between the wood base and metal wiring as legs.

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$ 795

If you are a lover of classic, mid-century design, you are going to love the Eames Eucalyptus LTR Table. This table designed by Charles and Ray Eames is based on 1950s style. In fact, the construction of the table is exactly the same, using wiring as the legs and support in order to give it a unique appearance. The top of the table is made of a eucalyptus tree harvested from the Eames’ own private property.

Charles and Ray Eames are all about sustainability in their interior design, which is why many of the materials used are derived right from their own property, so they know exactly where it is sourced and how it grows. And the beauty of the table is in its simplicity and the marriage between both wood and metal. So if you’re looking for such a piece, this is the perfect addition to your home decor.