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The Inside Home By Olgooco Redefines Urban Living With Subterranean Innovation

The home prioritizes privacy and brings back lush green rooftops to a neighborhood once celebrated for its serene gardens.

Iranian architecture firm Olgooco is revolutionizing urban living with its innovative subterranean creation, the Inside Home. This project is a response to the growing issue of unauthorized urban development that has disrupted traditional suburban landscapes, resulting in crowded apartment complexes and the disappearance of green spaces. Olgooco’s Inside Home presents a fresh perspective by reintroducing privacy and landscaped rooftop gardens to a neighborhood once renowned for its tranquil gardens.

Located in the Ammameh suburb of Iran, the Inside Home by Olgooco is a unique architectural intervention that offers an alternative communal living experience, reconnecting residents with the natural environment often overshadowed in urban settings. The house comprises three separate 70-square-meter caverns surrounding a central void, each serving a distinct purpose. One cavern contains the bedrooms, another is designated for communal living spaces, while the third houses a swimming pool and utility area. This layout encourages residents to interact with nature as they move between these spaces, creating self-contained experiences immersed in the surrounding landscape.

The Inside Home by Olgooco plays with light and privacy, with shared spaces maximizing sunlight and low, horizontal views while the bedrooms intentionally restrict sunlight, ensuring a heightened sense of privacy. The project aims to bring back the essence of collective living and the tranquility of nature, offering an escape from the challenges of overcrowded urban life.

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