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House for Dorothy By boq architekti

House For Dorothy By boq architekti Showcases An Exquisite Blend Of Natural Materials

This stunning family home marries the bold industrial allure of concrete with the timeless warmth of wood.

Nestled in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, the House for Dorothy by boq architekti showcases an exquisite blend of concrete and wood that defines modern living with a touch of playfulness. This family house boasts an interior design that reimagines spaciousness while maintaining a contemporary charm.

The house’s interior is anchored by a striking concrete ceiling and oiled wooden floors, offering a harmonious fusion of raw industrial aesthetics and natural warmth. Throughout the space, a palette of three neutral colors prevails: pristine white, sleek anthracite grey, and the timeless beauty of natural wood.

The ground floor unfolds as a generously proportioned living space, thoughtfully divided into three functional zones. In the heart of it all lies the inviting living room, flanked by a stylishly appointed kitchen and dining area on one side and a thoughtfully designed leisure zone that opens up to an outdoor atrium on the other.

Notably, the kitchen underwent a significant transformation to better suit the client’s needs. A spacious kitchen island now takes center stage, housing both the sink and hob, while an innovative suspended ceiling adds a touch of drama and practicality with its backlit design.

The staircase, elevated to an artful element, gracefully runs through a glass railing, complemented by a bookcase that seamlessly integrates a projection screen. Storage space cleverly hides beneath the staircase, maximizing functionality.

The house’s living spaces are designed for adaptability, with a modular sofa that effortlessly transforms into different configurations. The leisure zone, featuring a cozy fireplace, offers a contemporary take on a traditional hearth, providing both privacy and proximity to the sunlit atrium.

From the imaginative kids’ room to the serene bedroom and dressing area, each space within the House for Dorothy By boq architekti reflects meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to modern design aesthetics. With its innovative approach to interior architecture and the fusion of concrete and wood, this family house in Prague sets a new standard for contemporary living.

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