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Eames Silhouette 8 Deck - Plywood Sculpture

New Globe Deck Celebrates Ray Eames’ Molded Plywood Sculpture

Is it art, or is it a skateboard?

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Sure, Globe and Eames have collaborated before: back in 2020, the companies worked together to create a limited-edition set of Eucalyptus boards from a dying tree on the Eames estate. But this time around, the partnership seems to run a bit deeper, drawing from the many parallels between these companies.

For starters, although Globe hails from Melbourne, the skateboard and sportswear company’s vibe is decidedly SoCal, where Ray Eames designed and completed his “Molded Plywood Sculpture” in 1943. The three-foot-tall organic shape was not only a stunning piece of contemporary art but a technological breakthrough in wood-bending widely regarded as the precursor to the iconic Eames Shell.

Of course, a big part of Globe’s business also depends on obsessing over molded plywood, but there’s more to it than that. Globe is also a family business (brothers and founders Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill still actively lead the company) that values material innovation, experimenting through play, and learning by doing.

Much like the “Molded Plywood Sculpture” it celebrates, the Eames Silhouette 8 Deck in Plywood Sculpture, available in Walnut + Resin-7 Canadian maple, represents the convergence of art and technology. The full concave board’s matte finish exposes the walnut beneath. The top of the deck features the story behind the “Molded Plywood Sculpture”, while the reverse silhouette of the sculpture is striking. It seems almost a shame to ride it. Maybe that’s why Globe includes laser-etched wall hangers with each deck.

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