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HAY Wall Clock by Jasper Morrison

HAY Wall Clock By Jasper Morrison Revisits The Art Of Telling Time

Reintroducing Jasper Morrison’s iconic 2008 Wall Clock in two new colorways.

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Many household items have become less essential, as smartphones and other technologies put information at everyone’s fingertips. The wall clock is one of those forgotten items.

Jasper Morrison first designed the modernist Wall Clock in 2008. Danish contemporary furniture designer HAY recently brought it back into production. The HAY Wall Clock is a piece of functional art that may bring hanging clocks back into style. The clock features a simple, sophisticated design with hour markers at two, four, six, eight, and 10. They’re large enough to read from a distance. The clock is made from polystyrene with an acrylic front and aluminum face. It measures 10.43 inches in diameter.

The HAY Wall Clock comes in four colorways, including the original monochromatic white and black options or the new light blue or dark green. The second hand moves smoothly around the clock’s face without making noise.

Jasper Morrison is one of the most prominent British designers, known for taking everyday products and making them extraordinary. The Wall Clock is a gentle reminder for people to detach themselves from their smartphones, smartwatches, and other technologies, if only for a moment to read the time. It’s available now on the HAY website.

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