Inspired By Mk 2 Grenades From World War II, L’Epée Unveils Its Grenade Clock - IMBOLDN
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L’Epée Grenade Clock

Inspired By Mk 2 Grenades From World War II, L’Epée Unveils Its Grenade Clock

The clock is a unique piece of art, symbolizing the unpredictability of life.

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$ 18,835

Designed to inspire action, the new L’Epée Grenade Clock is a constant reminder to seize the day. Modeled after the MKII grenade, the new clock from L’Epée is ready to be displayed in virtually any room. This unique clock is intended to demonstrate how unpredictable life is, encouraging owners not to take the day for granted. With precision movement and high-quality materials, this clock is functional, beautiful, and certainly a conversation starter.

The L’Epée Grenade Clock was designed to look like a real grenade but function like a precision timepiece. The grenade pin positioned at the top of the clock is the key, allowing the user to set the time or wind the eight-day movement. The time is displayed by a separate hour and minute disc made of black aluminum rotating toward the center of the grenade.

The going train is visible from the interior, barely showing behind the escapement assembly. The balance is featured in the clock’s center, creating an audible ticking sound, reminding owners that time is fleeting. The L’Epée 1839 movement is made of palladium-plated brass and was crafted in-house. Overall, the clock is small and can easily fit on a nightstand or desk. It measures 120mm high x 77 mm wide x 66mm deep.

The L’Epée Grenade Clock is a limited edition piece with only 99 clocks manufactured as part of this small production line. This fascinating, thought-provoking clock is available in 8 colors and priced at $11,835, with only 99 pieces of each being produced.

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