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Vollebak Off-Grid Shorts

Vollebak Launches Its High-Performance Technical Off-Grid Shorts

Crafted out of military-grade canvas, these shorts are inherently hard-wearing.

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$ 325

Designed to outlast even the toughest wear and tear, the Vollebak Off-Grid Shorts are for the ardent adventurer and DIYer. These shorts are rugged and durable yet comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. Designed to help people survive off the land, the Off-Grid shorts will provide years of service, even when all else fails. For those who want to live off-grid and survive on the land, these shorts are a must-have.

Made of durable Italian cotton, these shorts are both heavy-duty and comfortable. The Vollebak Off-Grid shorts are made with the same type of material military tents are constructed with, weighing just 395g/m2. The dense material has a 5/5 abrasion resistance score and incredibly high tensile strength while still staying soft, cool, and breathable. Additional features help make these shorts so long-lasting, including six lines of reinforced stitching around the bottom hems, an elastic rope-tied waistband, two large front and back pockets, as well as four gadget loops to help carry gear and tools. The Vollebak Off-Grid Shorts have five belt loops, a zippered fly, and are machine washable.

Available in either Black or Dirt, the Vollebak Off-Grid Shorts are currently available on the Vollebak website for $325. Vollebak also has several other highly durable clothing items that pair with the shorts and offer free worldwide shipping with each purchase.

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