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Vollebak Race to Zero

Vollebak’s Race To Zero System Simplifies The Running Wardrobe

Running gear that packs into itself.

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Vollebak is a clothing company from the future. It combines science and the latest technology to create clothing that serves a clear purpose. The Race to Zero system’s purpose is to offer the lightest, most functional clothing for daily runners. It is a minimalist running gear system that weighs as close to zero as possible.

The Vollebak Race to Zero system includes ultralight shorts, a t-shirt, a puffer jacket, and a windbreaker. The entire system of clothing weighs less than 600 grams. The heaviest piece of clothing, the Race to Zero Puffer, weighs in at a feather-light 277 grams. Lighter means faster and more comfortable in the running world, and the Race to Zero system achieves both.

This minimalist collection of running gear is also ideal for travel or life on the go. Each piece packs into itself so small it can fit into a pocket or the palm of a hand. However, runners don’t have to sacrifice durability for comfort and speed. Race to Zero shorts are a densely-woven nylon microfiber fabric most similar to silk. The chafe-resistant inner lining is the same ultra-soft Italian material featured in the Race to Zero shirt. Laser-cut and bonded seams further reduce chafing and ensure these pieces will endure race after race.

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