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Meticulous Espresso

Meet Meticulous Espresso, The Revolutionary New Robotic Lever Espresso Machine

Pull the perfect shot at home, every single time.

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$ 1,299+

Whether they know it or not, the barista who makes your espresso executes a dozen calculations as they prepare your drink. Those calculations result in a drink that is either too slick, too thick, too light, or just right.

There is an art and a science to preparing the best espresso shot, and the team at Meticulous Espresso has used modern technology to perfect that balance. It’s the world’s first robotic lever espresso machine and uses a powerful digital motor and high-precision sensors to produce the same shot every time.

Using its six precision heat sensors, the machine uses its heating coil to get the water to the ideal temperature. Then, users can select from the built-in flavor profiles or download profiles from experts worldwide. But true espresso aficionados will take it to the next level using the Meticulous app. Creating your personal espresso laboratory, you can start from scratch or modify a flavor profile to change pressure, flow curves, etc.

This is Meticulous Espresso’s answer to those many calculations a barista makes, boiled down to a scientific formula. Even if you’ve never taken a physics class (or forgotten most of its content), the Meticulous team has you covered with step-by-step guides and help along the way. Once you have your ideal formula, you can save it to use all the time and upload it to a worldwide directory for sharing with others. Finally, the same company has built “Meticulous Milk,” a standalone device for the latte fan who wants a fantastic froth.

Meticulous has created a Kickstarter campaign funded nearly 1,800 times its pledge goal, with devices now moving into final production. Supporters of $1,299 or higher are set to receive the espresso machine around December 2023, with a $250 add-on for the Meticulous Milk due out around the same time.

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