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Osma Pro

The Osma Pro Uses Harmonics And Recirculation To Produce Cold Brew Coffee

The Osma Pro allows users to fully extract cold brew flavors in under two minutes.

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$ 695

Designed to make the perfect cold brew coffee, the Osma Pro, is a complex machine that utilizes a system of recirculation and harmonics to create either a 12oz cold brew or 3oz cold espresso shot. Users simply add ice and water to the intake straw and load the coffee. The machine does the rest, drawing out the water and sending it through the Osma Pro to pick up even the slightest of aromas and flavors all in a matter of 90 seconds. Coffee, as true coffee connoisseurs can attest, contains a vast spectrum of aroma and flavor that comes to life through the brewing process. The Osma Pro is a machine created to rethink how coffee is extracted. The recirculation previously mentioned takes a process that normally involves 24 hours of extraction and reduces it to a mere two minutes, while yielding a complex cup of coffee.

The Osma Pro is a limited edition release, including only 1,000 machines that are made and launched in Oregon. Each component of the machine is constructed in a shop an hour south of Portland, except for the diaphragm pump and power supply. Everything else is made under one roof to ensure high-quality construction. Pre-orders for the Osma Pro are being developed in collaboration with Chromatic Coffee, which has played an integral role in the design of the Osma Pro from its very beginning.

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