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Blue Bottle Ecuador Pichincha Mario Hervas

Blue Bottle Releases Rare Ecuadorian Coffee Grown By Mario Hervas

Famously sweet coffee from the high Andes.

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Mario Hervas is a renowned coffee farmer and the mastermind behind Finca El Meridiano, an extraordinary coffee farm in the Pichincha region of Ecuador. Blue Bottle Coffee now offers Mario’s rare, sweet, and aromatic coffee known as Typica. Much of the coffee’s fame is due to its rarity. Typica is so challenging to grow that only a few determined farmers around the globe continue to cultivate it. Finca El Meridiano offers excellent conditions for growing Typica due to its location more than 15,696 feet up in the Andes Mountains. Blue Bottle Ecuador Pichincha Mario Hervas coffee is something consumers crave. It is sweet enough to be a dessert but offers a full body that can get the morning off to a good start.

Mario implements a careful washing process that does not deplete the subtle aromas of honey, lemon zest, and rose hips. It is fitting because Mario is famously a former rose farmer. His eye for detail in rose farming transferred to his passion for producing the world’s finest coffee beans. Blue Bottle Ecuador Pichincha Mario Hervas ships less than 48 hours after roasting, bringing the fresh aromas of the upper Andes straight to the customer’s mug in a matter of days.

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