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Cognoscenti Coffee Sumatra Trogon

Cognoscenti Coffee’s Indonesian Sumatra Trogon

The flavor notes of the Sumatra Trogon exhibit tropical fruits, pine nuts and has a clean, medium body.

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Cognoscenti Coffee Sumatra Trogon is a clean, medium-bodied Indonesian coffee introduced in 2021. The company says that the Sumatra Trogon is Grade 1 triple-picked—meaning the harvest is hand-sorted three times, and only the ripe, developed cherries are set aside for the Grade 1 lot. Cognoscenti Coffee’s partner producer operates a processing facility for wet-hulling—a quicker way to dry the green bean in a wet environment. Wet-hulling washes the bean and brings out tropical fruit and pine nuts’ flavor notes. The process provides a clean flavor profile, low acidity, and a consistent cup of coffee.

Cognoscenti Coffee Sumatra Trogon got its name from the island’s indigenous blue-tailed bird, the Trogon. The producer, Asman, formed a cooperative in 2016, focusing exclusively on wet-hulling washes. He built a washing station and raised beds covered by a drying dome.

A Los Angeles, California roaster, Cognoscenti has three local cafes, including one at the roastery. The company sources primarily washed coffees and places a priority on cup clarity and sustainability. They roast coffee every Monday and offer freshly roasted bags in their cafes on Tuesdays. Additionally, its Sumatra Trogon is available to purchase online. Other specialty roasts include another new release, Guatemala Nano Lot, San Martin, fabled forest coffees from Ethiopia, and Peru Eli Espinoza Soberon, the Peru Cup of Excellence winner in 2020.

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