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BSD | Brazil Sul de Minas Cooxupé Plumeria Coffee

Introducing Brazil Sul de Minas Cooxupé Plumeria Coffee

Sul de Minas is a premier coffee growing region of Brazil.

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Driftaway Coffee, a specialty roastery in Brooklyn, NY, since 2014, is dedicated to bringing you some of the most luxurious coffees in the world. Brasil Sul de Minas Cooxupé Plumeria by Driftaway Coffee is one of their most intriguing coffees in recent years. With a complex, clean, and sweet flavor, this medium roast comes from the Cooxupé cooperative. With a short time from harvest to your home, this is the freshest coffee you can get into your cup.

Founded in 1932, the Cooxupé cooperative gathers coffee from 13,000 farmers. 83% of their coffee growers are small family farmers. Grown and picked at an elevation of 1,100 to 1,360 meters, this coffee is a blend of Catuai and Mundo Novo varietals. Driftaway imports its beans through Equatorial Coffee Consultants, a coffee supplier for coffee growers worldwide looking to expand their accessibility to the US specialty coffee market.

Driftaway ships this classic-profiled medium roast coffee to you within 24 hours of its quality control. It arrives within four days of ordering. Your beans will be fresh, flavorful, and direct from Driftaway’s Brooklyn, NY roastery.

Driftaway’s lead roaster, Ian T., describes this coffee as deviating from the stereotypically nutty Brazilian flavor profile, emphasizing the flavors of Sul de Minas. This clean, sweet coffee features a zesty aroma that could be your new favorite brew. This batch just finished roasting on February 22nd and is ready for distribution now. Order your bags before they’re all gone.

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