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‘Spill the Beans’ by Lani Kingston

‘Spill The Beans’ by Lani Kingston

Coffee holds a rich and diverse history that author Lani Kingston explores in her new book.

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Spill the Beans by Lani Kingston is a hardcover coffee table collector’s edition that illustrates the richness of coffee culture. Coffee lovers will find the history of beans, stories, and coffee recipes from around the world. Spill the Beans by Lani Kingston takes the reader on a journey exploring how coffee producers in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and other countries produce, trade, and enjoy their coffee.

This beautifully bound book explores an entire cafe culture and a booming industry, with 264 pages of history, stories, and full-color photos. Lani Kingston is a food writer with a master’s degree in food studies and barista and pastry chef qualifications. She is an education researcher and consultant, who focuses on coffee, chocolate, and sustainable food.

Kingston also holds a degree in film and television and has spent years living in and traveling to countries around the world to discover local coffee cultures and traditions. Spill the Beans by Lani Kingston is her third book on coffee. It is the culmination of years of research. Kingston says she aims to honor these remarkable coffee cultures in her book. Spill the Beans is currently available for preorder at Gestalten. And will be available for purchase on February 8, 2022.

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