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Patagonia x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils

Patagonia Partners With Dogfish Head Brewing To Produce A Kernza Pils

Kernza is a remarkable perennial grain that draws down carbon from the atmosphere and sequesters it in the ground.

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Patagonia, a recreational apparel and equipment company focused on sustainability, has partnered with Dogfish Head Brewing to create a sustainable beer that is better for the planet. The innovative collaboration between the two companies promises to bring attention to sustainable agricultural practices while benefiting the world with a robust agrarian future.

The Patagonia x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils is the first beer to hit the Patagonia Provisions line. Traditionally packed with food used for camping and hiking, Patagonia Provisions recently noticed the beer market is dominated by industrial practices, which damage the Earth’s natural resources. Instead, the new Pils beer features Kernza perennial grain, developed by the Land Institute. The grain helps prevent erosion, while the nearly 12-foot long roots help to transport naturally occurring carbon stored in the Earth to a greater depth, where it belongs. The Kernza Pils is 5.0% ABV and features an earthy flavor mixed with Contessa hops. The beer is spicy and warm while still refreshing with a subtle taste.

Patagonia x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils is currently available in 15 states, making this new endeavor from Patagonia and Dogfish Head readily available for many people in the US market. Soon, Patagonia’s website will have a feature that allows prospective buyers to search by zip code to find the new Patagonia x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils closest to them.

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