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Patagonia Wornwear ReCrafted Collection

Patagonia Wornwear ReCrafted Collection

The philosophy behind this collection makes a positive impact on the environment and gives each piece a one-of-a-kind design.

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Brands typically release new lines of apparel that showcase their latest designs made for each coming season. While this helps keep your wardrobe fresh, it can be a taxing cycle on the environment as older garments often go to waste. In and of itself, the production of any line of apparel can be costly in this same light. To combat that carbon footprint, many brands have taken the initiative to incorporate re-used materials into their new releases.

The Patagonia Wornwear ReCrafted Collection takes that approach with its jackets, vests, and tees. Each item is made from deconstructed and repurposed materials sourced from used articles of clothing. The results are much more than mere environmentally conscious designs. Each article of clothing has a one-of-a-kind design that seems to carry on the life of the re-used garments behind it. Patagonia’s collection goes to show that nothing has to go to waste when it comes to manufacturing fashionable and functional outerwear.