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Patagonia Stand Up Bag Collection

Patagonia Releases The Rugged Stand Up Bag Collection

Each bag is fortified with the same heavy-duty canvas fabric boosted by a reinforced TPV backer and DWR finish.

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$ 79+

Rugged and luxurious can go hand-in-hand — that’s the take-home message of the new Patagonia Stand Up Bag Collection. The range is suitable for everything from adventure to the urban commute. The four bags that make up the line cover an impressive amount of territory, whether you’re traveling to a distant land or to the office.

Speaking of variety, consider the three-in-one punch of the 18L Stand Up Pack. This versatile 18L option can be configured as a backpack, shoulder bag, or briefcase. The tough two-layer canvas construction means this pack’s up for anything, and its modular design backs that up: whether you’re using the padded laptop sleeve to hold a hydration reservoir or employing the shoulder strap as a tumpline.

Other members of Patagonia Stand Up Bag Collection include the 42L Stand Up Duffel, 23L Stand Up Tote, and 3L Stand Up Belt Bag. Each bag boasts the same heavy-duty canvas design boosted by a reinforced TPV backer and DWR finish. They each also feature strategic pocket placement. Snazzy-looking while utilitarian, these bags are uncompromising in their quality and style.