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Killspencer Briefcase 3.0

Bring Elegance To The Workplace With The Killspencer Briefcase 3.0

Easily alternate between hand and shoulder carry with the bullhide leather handle and shoulder strap.

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$ 675

Founded in 2009, Killspencer is devoted to creating superior designs focused on quality and handmade construction. Based out of Los Angeles, the team at Killspencer has released a new, highly functional yet artistic and stylish briefcase, perfect for business road warriors constantly on the go. With functionality intersecting with high fashion, this premium leather Killspencer Briefcase 3.0 will set any business professional apart from the crowd.

Created by Killspencer founder, Spencer Nikosey, the new Briefcase 3.0 was created to be the quintessential professional work bag. The bag boasts a sleek style that is easy to carry yet roomy enough for all the essentials. Made of premium full-grain leather, this black bag highlights the unique natural qualities without eliminating the leather’s natural character. The Killspencer Briefcase 3.0 features a padded interior with a lined laptop compartment big enough to fit a 15″ MacBook Pro. Two additional flat internal pockets and two exterior pockets are located under the flap that can expand to give even more room.

An Alice clip and removable webbed shoulder strap make the Killspencer Briefcase 3.0 easy to carry. Or, opt to hold the briefcase with the reinforced bull-leather handles. Overall, the briefcase 3.0 measures 15-inches x 11-inches x 3-inches x 11.5-inches and weighs 4 pounds. The Killspencer Briefcase 3.0 is currently available online at the Killspencer website and retails for $675.00.

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