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Filson Dry Bag

Keep Your Most Important Gear Protected With The Filson Dry Bag

The roll top secures with a buckle for easy-open grab-and-go handle.

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$ 65

Bid farewell to the pitfalls of hoisting gear in the rain. There’s nothing like soaked belongings to serve as a reminder that a high-level bag is the best companion for a jaunt from point A to point B—and that’s where the Filson Small Dry Bag makes its debut. Designed with 100% waterproof polyester and finished with a TPU coating, this heavy-duty companion gives utilitarian new meaning. Don’t be fooled by its relatively streamlined, no-frills appearance. Filson’s Dry Bag does the work in a big way. The roll-top design allows it to easily expand or contract to comfortably accommodate everything inside.

The Filson Small Dry Bag is also resistant to moisture (of course) and abrasion while providing the type of reliable durability that’s perfect for a day on a boat or by the water’s edge. It even makes a handy camping companion—wet weather can strike at any time, after all. The bold orange color, appropriately called “Flame,” is impossible to miss even on the darkest and dreariest of days, making it an especially practical choice for outdoor adventures of all kinds. Use this to stash all of the accessories needed for your excursion, like a jacket sunscreen, a snack, and even a change of shoes. It’s just that versatile.

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