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WaterField Designs Vitesse Cycling Musette

WaterField Designs Drops Its Versatile Vitesse Musette Plus

Inspired by the musette bags used in cycling races to pass food to cyclists.

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$ 139

More space and more function elevate the WaterField Designs Vitesse Musette Plus to essential status. This thoughtfully designed companion is a must for commuters and travelers alike. The design stands out for its sheer space alone—it’s sized just right for housing a 16” MacBook Pro, and it is basically an organizer’s dream. Need a dedicated space for charging cables, notebooks, water bottles, and everything in between? This nonchalantly stylish bag features plentiful room for all of that and then some.

Available in an array of neutral colors, it is made with heavy-duty waxed canvas. It is the type of material that more than holds up to the rigors of a busy day, offering the ability to withstand regular usage without losing its integrity. Featuring a Martexin Original Wax coating, it can even be re-waxed when it needs a little boost and is easy to wipe down and maintain with a damp cloth. Think of this as the ultimate everyday bag. It is simple and fuss-free, without unnecessary adornments and fanciful details. It captures the basics in a handy and minimalist package and meets all the needs of busy professionals who require something that won’t compete with their outfit or overwhelm their frame.

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