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Haven Safari

Elevate Your Camping Experience With The Haven Safari

Safari shelter for glamping comfort anywhere from vehicle campsites to the backyard.

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$ 280+

Back with another Kickstarter, the team at Haven Tents has created the third iteration of their innovative lay-flat hammock design. This new model named the Haven Safari, combines a tent with a flat hammock, guaranteed to make camping enjoyable and restful. With a focus on providing a comfortable space to rest, the Safari was designed for any situation, including car-camping, backyard camping, or extreme backpacking through rough terrain. The Haven Safari features a flat sleeping platform, suspended like a traditional hammock and surrounded by a protective tent. The flat base of the hammock allows for comfortable sleep in any position – back, side, or stomach.

The Safari is designed to prevent folding along the hammock and protects the back from protrusions like uncomfortable rocks and sticks. Measuring 30 x 80-inches, the Haven Safari is ideal for even the largest campers. Each Haven Safari comes with the patented lay-flat sleeping platform available in four colors. The Haven Safari is made with 300d Polyester Canvas that is bug proof, waterproof, and adequately ventilated. Other available add-ons to the Haven Safari hammock tent include a ridgelight with dimmable LED bulbs, a whoopee sling to make tent placement easy, and a power pump to quickly inflate the air mattress. This Kickstarter campaign is well funded and currently searching for more backers. For an early pledge of $280, campers will receive the Haven Safari Hammock and air mattress, rainfly, tree straps, welcome mat, and stakes. Estimated delivery is on schedule for June 2022.

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