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VSSL x SMITH Supplies Tin

The VSSL x Smith Backcountry Supplies Kit Is 38 Essential Pieces Of Gear In One

Be prepared for virtually anything with the Backcountry Supplies Kit.

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$ 120

Made by VSSL Gear, the new VSSL x SMITH Backcountry Supplies Kit includes everything winter warriors need to face the Great Outdoors. Inside the supplies kit, campers and athletes will find a 15” ski strap, S.O.S. floodlight, VSSL Wire Saw, sewing kit, Tenacious Tape Repair (2), repair wire, gear twists, zip ties, whistle, fire striker supply tin, first-aid mini tin, 4-mode LED flashlight (with floodlight capabilities), custom flip carabiner end cap, and adventure tape.

For anyone getting ready for winter treks, VSSL x Smith have devised a way to handle anything that nature can dole out. The kit stands at 7.5 inches high and 2 inches in diameter. Water resistant and lightweight (14.6 oz), the supplies were all carefully selected to give outdoor enthusiasts the confidence needed to venture into the unknown. There are dozens of essential tools in there, all of which are perfect for any backpack, sled, or RV. Use the kit to build a fire, construct a makeshift shelter, or administer standard first aid to anyone on the trail (including yourself).

The VSSL x SMITH Backcountry Supplies Kit wasn’t made for casual weekenders, but for hard-core skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers who can’t afford to take chances with their safety. For anyone who knows what it’s like to stand up against the elements, it helps to have the equipment you need at the ready. Plus, the weather-proof container is a style statement with its sleek frame and cheerful colors. Available on the VSSL website, the kit runs $120.

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