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Macallan Horizon Whisky Experience

Macallan Teams Up With The Balmoral For An Exclusive $130,000 Whisky Experience

A one-of-a-kind opportunity for the whisky enthusiast.

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$ 130,000

There’s no shortage of outstanding limited edition whisky, from the eye-catching Johnny Walker Black Label Blade Runner Director’s Cut to the Glenturrent 50 years from 2022. The latest addition to give whisky lovers a taste of refinement and luxury is the Macallan Horizon Whisky Experience, which takes the concept in new and exciting directions.

Macallan’s prestige in the field of distillery is unquestioned, and this new limited edition sees them partnering with the iconic Balmoral Hotel for an ultra-luxe experience that includes a two-night stay at the five-star hotel in Edinburgh. Aged in six first-fill sherry-seasoned oak casks, this single-malt whisky is worth an eye-watering $130,000, including a Macallan’s Speyside distillery tour.

The most striking aspect of the Macallan Horizon Whisky Experience is the bottle, created in collaboration with Bentley Motors, which takes a horizontally shaped decanter and wraps it in recycled copper and oak from the barrels used in the distillation process. It’s arguably the most aesthetically original bottle design in recent years and a work of art in its own right.

For those who can afford it, the Macallan Horizon Whisky Experience begins with a stay at Balmoral, where the aforementioned bottle is on display in a custom-built wooden cabinet. Following a night in the Scone & Crombie suite, there’s a distillery tour and dinner, with a second night’s stay and a seven-course meal at the Number One restaurant.

With its hefty price tag, the Macallan Horizon Whisky Experience represents the pinnacle of luxury for whisky lovers.

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