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VSSL Camp Mini Suunto Edition

Being Prepared Made Easy With The VSSL Camp Supplies Mini Suunto Edition

The VSSL Camp Supplies Mini contains a precision engineered Suunto compass, as well as too many items to list here.

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$ 130

The well-known outdoor manufacturers VSSL and Suunto have come together to create the ideal camping supplies kit. The VSSL Camp Supplies Mini Suunto Edition may be small, but it is loaded with features. Housed in a compact and lightweight case, the included Suunto KB-14 mechanical compass is included among a 200-lumen flashlight, basic first aid kit, fire starter kit, and rope/razor kit. The compass features best-in-class precision and is accurate up to any temperature you would want to be in (-30 to 60°C). The flashlight can be spotted from far away, lasts up to 40 hours, and has four modes (bright, dim, red and SOS).

All of this comes in a rugged case that is constructed of military-grade aluminum and waterproof. VSSL/Suunto back the device with a lifetime warranty, although it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have reason to file a claim. Should you ever be stranded, the Camp Supplies kit has virtually everything you’d need to bushwhack a basic shelter, start a fire, and send signals to be found. At just a ½-foot long, the VSSL Camp Supplies Mini Suunto Edition is one of the most compact and capable items you can throw in your bag (or hang from one of its straps).

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