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Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Black

Built To Withstand Extreme Elements: Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Black

The CORE Alpha Stealth Black packs an altimeter, barometer, and even a compass with weather information.

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$ 299

Designed and manufactured in Finland and subjected to aggressive military testing standards, Suunto has unveiled its CORE Alpha Stealth Black, a rugged watch  made of aluminum and glass and specified to be water-resistant up to 30 meters. Suunto has been making precision compasses, dive products, and watches for more than 80 years since its founding in 1936.

The Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Black is no mere timepiece. Its display offers a compass, altimeter, and barometer with weather information. So when traversing the terrain, wearers will see air pressure-based ascent and descent readings to help them stay oriented. The military inspiration is evident in the fact that this watch has a red backlight, which is suitable for users wearing night-vision goggles.

It goes without saying that it is important to pay close attention to shifts in the weather when exploring the great outdoors. Suunto’s Core Alpha delivers not just reminders about when the sun sets and rises along with weather updates, but the watch also includes a storm alarm for maximum safety. The Suunto Core Alpha has passed 9 tests, including pressure, heat/cold, shock, drop, freeze/thaw, rain, humidity, and dust. Finished with a handsome textile strap, this tough watch would make an excellent addition to an outdoorsman’s EDC.

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