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SkyNest: Ultralight Hammock Tent

Why SkyNest May Be The Best Ever Investment For Campers

An innovative product that integrates the design of a hammock, mosquito net, and rainfly tarp.

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One of the biggest challenges wild campers and wilderness explorers face is finding a sleeping solution that presents as much space and comfort as possible while maintaining a low weight and profile when packed. The new SkyNest: Ultralight Hammock Tent has been designed with this challenge in mind, giving campers a comfortable and resilient resting space that packs down small enough to fit in a regular rucksack.

Packed with impressive features, the SkyNest: Ultralight Hammock Tent blends various design elements, from a comprehensive waterproof rainfly to a fine mosquito mesh to keep insects out of the sleeping area. Its semi-elastic wind ropes, hammock straps, and double-layered bottom allow it to be set up in the most inhospitable environments.

Whether you need a quick-to-assemble tarp or a full-blown hammock, the SkyNest Ultralight Hammock Tent setup is rapid. The double-layered bottom expands the usable area well beyond traditional hammocks. Two doors add to its versatility, allowing it to be used like a regular tent with space for two occupants.

The modular design of the SkyNest: Ultralight Hammock Tent makes it ideally suited to bushcrafting around a campfire, opening up into a spacious tarp to provide cover while cooking, transforming it from a hammock in a few seconds. Alternatively, the hammock and tarp can be used independently, making the SkyNest Ultralight Hammock Tent great value for money.

With space for an inflated camping mat to slide underneath the base, it’s an impressively versatile hammock and tent hybrid for a comfortable stay in the wild.

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