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Living Vehicle CyberTrailer

Living Vehicle CyberTrailer Transforms Off-Grid Living

Its sleek, futuristic design is matched by its sustainable features, making it a top choice for eco-conscious adventurers.

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$ 175,000+

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most talked-about vehicles of modern times. The company’s bold and radical design ignited discussion and controversy in the car enthusiast community. Its angular, futuristic design, seemingly indestructible build quality, and advanced technological capabilities set it apart from the competition.

Now, the mobile living spaces company Living Vehicle has taken the Cybertruck as the starting point for a new trailer that combines the best elements and features of Tesla’s flagship truck. The Living Vehicle CyberTrailer’s pronounced edges and rugged construction perfectly match the Cybertruck, retraining the industrial-style metallic aesthetic and minimal use of curves.

It’s a fully electric trailer that removes any need for connection to utilities on RV parks or on the road, giving a new level of freedom that traditional RVing cannot match. Since the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer is 100% solar-powered, it has the potential to have adventures off the beaten track that traditional recreational vehicles have lacked.

While the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer is geared toward towing from electric vehicles such as the Cybertruck, Rivian, and F150, it’s also fully compatible with traditional gas and diesel tow vehicles. It also offers electric tow vehicle charging, as well as creating fresh water from air creation and recycling.

With a spacious interior characterized by its carefully considered layout, the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer transforms through the gear-hauler ramp and impressive folding patio. It’s also compatible with Apple iPads for wireless control, allowing for easy operation at the touch of a button.

With a starting price of $175,000 and reservations already available, the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer will be delivered to customers in 2025.

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