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Uncharted Supply Company Basecamp

Uncharted Supply Co. Delivers With The Basecamp Survival Kit

This kit includes essential survival items such as food, first aid supplies, water filtration systems, and more.

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Uncharted Supply Company’s Basecamp is the ultimate survival kit built on the nearly indestructible YETI GoBox. Available in both 60-liter and 30-liter sizes, this kit contains an array of survival essentials, including food, first aid supplies, water filtration systems, flashlights, and fire-starting gear. The YETI GoBox is waterproof, stackable, and military-grade durable, ensuring your supplies remain safe and secure in any situation.

Founded in 2016 in Park City, Utah, after a Shark Tank appearance, Uncharted Supply Co. aims to provide high-quality, intuitive gear for navigating emergencies. Their products are now available in over 200 retail stores and used by government and private security agencies worldwide. The Basecamp is its latest offering, designed for up to eight people, making it perfect for families or small teams. 

The Basecamp kit includes a convertible shovel/pickaxe, air filtration masks, beanies, gloves, heat packs, Mylar survival tents, 3-in-1 radio flashlights, emergency rations, a stainless steel water bottle, water filtration system, water bladder, chem lights, Yeti Loadout Gobox, magnesium alloy fire starter, first aid anti-bacterial wipes, Empire knife, paracord, sunscreen, multi-tool, caddy, duct tape, space blankets, and goggles. With color options in Charcoal, Orange, or Camp Green, this kit can be neatly stored in a closet, under a garage shelf, or in an RV.

The 60L Basecamp retails for $829 and the 30L for $729, offering comprehensive preparedness for any emergency.

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