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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney E-Trike

Sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney Is An Electric Trike Built with Families In Mind

An E-Trike with room in the back.

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In the ever-expanding world of electric bicycles, a new variant from Sixthreezero aims to be a family e-bike with the help of a third wheel. This family-oriented electric tricycle is called the EVRYjourney e-trike and is a new model from the California electric mobility maker. While details are few, this new e-trike sounds ideal for bringing the kids along for the ride.

Photos of the e-trike show a comfortable bench seat behind the bike’s saddle. This seat looks wide enough to hold more than one person. The electric trike’s battery specs have yet to be disclosed, but we know that it’s housed in the seat tube and powers a 750-Watt front-mounted hub motor.

The EVRYjourney’s performance figures have not been disclosed, but it is safe to assume it will not be built for speed. Moreover, the rear tires make up for the trike’s lack of suspension with big 24-inch tires that will absorb the imperfections of bike paths.

The e-trike’s throttle is placed on the handlebar, and its seven-speed drivetrain allows the rider to manage the pedal assist’s speed and get up steep urban hills. In addition, disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power. Set pricing and availability are scheduled for spring 2023, and Sixthreezero is offering a pre-order promo on the EVRYjourney e-trike.

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