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Protect Those Vintage Spirits With KILLSPENCER’s Wine Carrier

This stylish full-grain leather wine carrier will keep bottles properly secured while on the go.

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$ 315

Whether it is brought along to a classic picnic in the countryside, or to a gathering at a friend’s home, the KILLSPENCER Wine Carrier keeps wine bottles properly secured in its meticulously crafted case. This carrier, which is crafted with full-grain black leather, features a Swiss-made Riri antique silver zipper and a rugged bull hide top leather handle for carrying. It has a nylon interior with a removable bottle divider that is also resistant to oil and abrasion and to chemical damage. Plus, nylon is easy to wash — it is smooth, soft, and lightweight so it doesn’t add heft to your carry and doesn’t scratch that precious glass.

The KILLSPENCER Wine Carrier fits two standard wine bottles (750ml) and it can be personalized with an optional custom monogram in gold foil if desired. The leather used in constructing the Wine Carrier is unique in that it has not been corrected in any way, beyond the original hair removal, which allows the natural character and markings of the leather to show through. Measuring 7“ L x 3.5“ W x 13“ H, the KILLSPENCER Wine Carrier makes for a spectacular gift on its own and especially so when paired with two special bottles of the good stuff.

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