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Black Ember Dex Modular Duffel Packs

Black Ember Debuts The Dex Modular Duffel Packs

A classic duffel that you can grip by the handles or wear like a shoulder or backpack.

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$ 239+

The Black Ember Dex Modular Duffel Packs may be the perfect option for those looking for one easy-to-use luggage system that is durable, comfortable, and compliant with carry-on size restrictions. Designed for road warrior travelers in mind, these modular packs are ideal for the long haul or a simple weekend away. The latest Kickstarter campaign introduces the Modular Dex Duffel Pack. These bags come in two sizes: the smaller Dex 30 and the larger Dex 45. Both Black Ember Dex Modular Duffel Packs feature the ability to transform from a traditional duffel bag with handles, to a shoulder bag, to a backpack.

The packs were designed for comfort, with styled backpack straps that conform to the body. The straps bend, move, and absorb weight and impact with a blend of high and medium-density foam. Inside are two interior pockets, a zippered shoe bag accessible from the exterior, locking zipper pulls, and a protected area to store a laptop. The Dex Modular Duffel Packs are made with a three-layer material that is 100% recycled waterproof. Although still in the Kickstarter phase, the Black Ember Dex Modular Duffel Packs are fully funded.

A Dex 30 is available for an early bird special with a $239 pledge. Additional Dex packs are available to suit any packing need, including a small bag to organize electronics and cords while in flight. Every piece of the Dex Modular System can be integrated into the larger duffel bags. Delivery is estimated for December 2022.

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