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Matador SEG42 One Bag Travel Duffel

The Matador SEG42 Offers Maximum Organization In A Minimalist Design

The Matador SEG42 One Bag Travel Duffel is made to be the only travel bag that you will ever need again.

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$ 190

One-bag travel: that’s the catchphrase of the Matador SEG42 One Bag Travel Duffel. We’ve got to say — it definitely fits the bill. Think of this as a capacious and chameleon-esque tote; part backpack and part duffel, divided into logical and convenient packing compartments but also down for big old disorganized loads. The 42-liter interior lets you pack anything you’d need for a trip without turning those eclectic contents into one big jumbled mess.

Travel-ready, the Matador SEG42 One Bag Travel Duffel includes segmented, zippered pockets. Those compartments can be stowed away if you just want a big capacity for unsorted luggage. A padded exterior laptop sleeve, and a voluminous clamshell pocket just about tailor-made for large belongings. You can hoist this pack — which is waterproof, by the way — via top, bottom, or side carry handles, or wear it backpack-style with the shoulder straps. All things considered, this is a heavy-duty, rough-and-ready piece of luggage as suited to that cross-country flight as a barebones train ride or a back-of-beyond road trip.