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2021 Chrome Barrage Tote and Barrage Duffle

Chrome Ups The Ante With Its New Barrage Tote and Barrage Duffel

With their 100 percent welded waterproof nylon shells, the bags provide a strong sense of security when transporting cargo.

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Adding to the original Chrome Barrage Collection comes the newly released Chrome 2021 Barrage Tote and Barrage Duffel. Both offerings place special emphasis on transporting personal cargo while enhancing life on the move. The Barrage Tote is the tote version of the beloved Barrage Cargo backpack, in its simplest form. It features a waterproof liner, twice-built and welded, as well as an abrasion-resistant nylon shell. The tote enables users to carry up to 27-liters, and it even comes with separate compartments for keeping dry and wet cargo apart.

Next up, the Barrage Duffel allows for an impressive carrying capacity of up to 55-liters and features both hand and shoulder carrying straps. It, too, has the same welded waterproof liner, complete with an abrasion-resistant nylon shell. The duffel features external wet and dry compartments as well as an adjustable external 5-point cargo net system. The Barrage Collection remains the foundation of the Chrome Industries brand, and the addition of the 2021 Barrage Tote and Barrage Duffel only adds to its appeal. Buyers can also choose from two new colorways with this most recent addition, those being Smoke and Salvage and the Freight Backpack in Smoke.

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