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Black Ember TKS Waterproof Sling

The Black Ember TKS Waterproof Sling Has Room For All Your Essentials

The Black Ember TKS Waterproof Sling has a waterproof external phone pocket with a charging passthrough, magnetic keychain, and more.

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$ 69+

Keeping the most important items in your everyday carry within reach means having them on your person when you need them most. The Black Ember TKS Waterproof Sling does more than just keep everything within reach – its technical design makes its contents easy to dispatch while remaining safe from the elements. The sling is made from IPX6-rated three-layer MICROHEX-HTX material that’s laser cut and bond-stitched for an air-tight seal. That technical construction paired with YKK Aquaguard zippers keeps each and every drop of moisture out of the sling.

Other technical elements of the sling make it easy to adjust and allow for plenty of utility. The waterproof external phone pocket is equipped with a charging passthrough so you can keep your smartphone full of juice while it’s stowed away. A magnetic keychain adds extra reliability to keep hold of something you definitely can’t afford to lose track of. Everything else benefits from an accordion organizer that’s compressed by a maglock buckle to stay firmly in place. The magnetic v-buckle and tension release d-ring allow the sling to fit around your chest while being easy to adjust for when you need a snugger fit or to loosen up for a bit more comfort.