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Black Ember SHADOW

Black Ember’s SHADOW Is The New Standard In Waterproof, Minimal Pack Design

The SHADOW is designed for both urban travel and outdoor carry alike.

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$ 149+

Torrential downpours, all-day drizzle, or drenching streetside tire spray are no match for the Black Ember SHADOW, a sleek, urban-ready backpack with mega-waterproofing muscle, that basically says, “Bring it on!” Available via a Kickstarter campaign, the SHADOW claims its rain- and splash-resistance courtesy of the Microhex HTX three-layer cross weave fabric construction. In addition, the polyurethane-laminated YKK AQUAGUARD zippers keep possessions safe and dry, whatever the elements are cooking up. (Water jets blasting at 1200 psi were used in the testing process, mind you.)

Speaking of possessions, they’re stored inside the Black Ember SHADOW in snug, logical compartments, including a tech kit for gadgetry (secured by a magnetic buckle), pockets for general storage, and a water bottle, as well as separate suspended sleeves for a laptop and a tablet. The access is as first-rate as the impregnability, as the pack unzips fully to expose its contents. Whether the 26- or the 22-liter model is chosen, the SHADOW can be hoisted with shoulder straps, carried briefcase-style via side handles, or rigged to a carryon via the luggage strap—and the low-profile, midnight-black look fits the bill in any configuration.