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Wine Armour Makes The Perfect Cheeky Host Gift

Each pack carries either 8 or 24 premium flat-topped wine stoppers playfully packaged like condoms.

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While it’s true that wine only gets better with age, that’s only true until you finally pop the bottle. Once the top comes off, keeping that vintage fresh is of the utmost importance. Wine Armour is up to that challenge by providing stoppers that can conform to bottlenecks of different sizes to keep your latest vintage fresh between each pour. Wine Amour uses food-grade premium latex for an airtight seal that out-performs conventional stoppers so the wine doesn’t leak out or oxidize. This alternative to trying to fit the cork back inside the lip of the bottle is both more reliable and reusable.

Each pack carries either 8 or 24 premium wine stoppers that are playfully packaged like condoms. They stretch and shrink to conform to different shapes while their elasticity makes them durable enough to use time and time again. Unlike stoppers or corks, Wine Armour has a flat top so it doesn’t add any extra length to a bottle, making sure it will fit back onto a shelf on into the fridge.