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Alessi & Wine

Unveiling The Alessi & Wine Gift Set

This curated gift celebrates the beauty of Italian design.

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$ 175

As you might expect, there’s a thriving industry surrounding wine that caters to aficionados’ need for accessories and gift sets that complement their favorite releases. The Alessi & Wine Gift Set is a fine example of how these accessories play into the ritual of wine tasting, from opening a fresh bottle to keeping the wine fresh.

This four-piece gift set begins with the Anna G. corkscrew, which is stylishly designed to resemble a woman wearing a flowing and elegant black dress along with a smiling face embossed on the handle. This is accompanied by an Anna 2 stopper for resealing half-finished bottles of wine, which again brings subtle facial elements to its design. Both Alessi accessories have been made from high-quality chrome-plated zamac, with a thermoplastic resin to keep the stopper securely in place.

The Alessi & Wine Gift Set also includes a Noe drip ring designed by Guilio Inacchetti, constructed to sit comfortably around the neck of most wine bottles to further enhance the wine-serving experience. For the finishing touch, Alessi has included a stainless steel bottle coaster to protect your furniture from stains.

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