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Modernica Arm Shell Spyder Chair

Modernica Unveils The Iconic Arm Shell Spyder Chair

The iconic fiberglass shell shape meets north American wood base.

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$ 610

When people need to sit down and rest, they might as well do so in style. Selecting the right furniture can take a while, given the complexities of a person’s current space and color scheme. Including time-honored furniture options helps to narrow the decision-making process, to be sure. A case in point is the classic shell-shaped fiberglass chair. It first entered public consciousness back in 1948, when its designer entered it in the International Design Competition at the Museum of Modern Art. The chair has become a staple in many homes since.

Modernica, based in California, is now offering the Arm Shell Spyder Chair, which integrates the fiberglass shell with a base made from 16 layers of molded wood from walnut and maple trees. This sturdy wood is protected with a satin coat. People who cannot wait to add one of these classic chairs to their home have their choice of natural maple inner ply with a walnut veneer or ash-stained ply with maple. As for the fiberglass shell itself, customers can select from a wide range of colors, including Army Green, Ocean, Purple, Red, or Jet Black.

In case you missed it, Modernica collaborated with Reigning Champ to produce the Series 001.