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LeGanz Flexell

Introducing The LeGanz Flexell

At-home exercise couldn’t be more convenient.

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Barcelona-based LeGanz is a startup that designs fitness furniture which integrates seamlessly into one’s home. The brand’s new product, the Flexell, doubles as a coffee table and a piece of workout equipment. One simply flips the table over 180° to tone their upper body, core, and lower body at home. Once done with your exercise routine, flip the piece over to regain use of your coffee table. With its solid wood top, users can perform over 30 individual exercises including L-sits, push-ups, dips, and more.

The LeGanz Flexell is a safe, durable, high-quality product that will stand the test of time and the rigors of daily exercise. The motto for the product that will soon be the center of the living room for those who embrace its benefits is “save space, save money and save time.” Available in a choice of rustic, Nordic, and industrial designs, the LeGanz Flexell will blend into virtually any decor. With a sturdy solid wood top and metal legs that include four fixation hooks for exercise bands, this unique in-home exercise equipment will make workouts convenient and easy.

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