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Record High-Fidelity, Professional Audio And Video With The New DJI Mic

It’s the perfect companion for vloggers and on-the-go media creators.

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$ 329

Intended as a comfortable yet powerful microphone, the DJI Mic can elevate digital video recording, giving users the ability to deliver clean, crisp, and clear audio for various digital applications. The wireless microphone is comfortable to wear while still offering unparalleled powerful long-range connections and reliable audio.

The DJI Mic can be used up to distances of 250 meters. The microphone has dual-channel recording capabilities, making it easy to simply turn on the device, connect, and begin recording. The Mic includes two transmitters with built-in microphones making multi-person interviews a breeze. The wireless transmission can reduce sound delay and communicate with several electronic recording devices. The Mic has a USB-C Lightning adapter and 3.5mm TRS ports, making it easy to pair with smartphones, laptops, and cameras. Although durable and robust, the DJI Mic only weighs 30 grams, making it comfortable and seamless to wear. The Mic is long-lasting and reliable, with 15 hours of battery power and 14 hours of integral memory storage.

The DJI Mic package is jam-packed with the necessary equipment to start using the device right away. Included in the $329 package is a DJI Mic Receiver, two transmitters, charging case, camera audio cable, mobile phone adapter (both type-c and lightning), two DJI Mic widescreens, two clip magnets, carrying pouch, hot shoe adapter, and a charging cable. Buyers are limited to only three units per household due to the DJI Mic’s limited availability.

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