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Canon PowerShot V10

Unleash Your Creative Vision With The Canon PowerShot V10

With stereo sound capture, a built-in stand, and easy live streaming, this camera is ready to go wherever you go.

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$ 430

Whether you’re considering launching your career as a future TikTok star or you simply enjoy shooting photos and videos on the go, the all-new Canon PowerShot V10 offers a compact, high-quality vlogging studio in the palm of your hand. This camera’s thoughtful features include a built-in stand that can be angled forwards and backward up to 30 degrees, two stereo microphones for impeccable sound quality, and a 19mm lens for the perfect wide-angle shot every time.

The camera’s 1″ CMOS sensor captures the best light and features incredible image stabilization, exposure control, a built-in ND filter, and much more. Vloggers can shoot horizontally or vertically, depending on their preferences and the medium they’ll be using for their imagery and videos. With 14 built-in color filters and 4K videos, creators can manipulate the mood and ambiance of any scene, shot, or interview.

For photographs, you’ll enjoy 15.2 megapixels with high sensitivity and Auto Photo mode for a crisp, well-balanced photograph any time you click the shutter. With a DIGIC X image processor, a 2-inch LCD screen, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities, this compact yet powerful camera will push your imagery and video creation to new heights.

If you’re in need of a device that offers streaming, look on further than the PowerShot. With a compatible mobile app, you can control the camera remotely to live stream and record and upload videos. The PowerShot V10 is available for preorder on Canon’s website for $430 and is estimated to arrive by June 15.

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