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Leica Unveils Its New M11 60MP Rangefinder Camera

One of the major upgrades announced by Leica is the addition of a brand new 60 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

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Following months of anticipation, Leica has officially launched its new M11, the brand’s most advanced M ever. The M11 features a triple-resolution sensor capable of producing 60MP, 36MP, or 18MP images in Raw DNG or JPEG format while employing the full-frame sensor across all resolutions. Delivering state-of-the-art image quality and detail, the 60-megapixel option can leverage the full optical potential of the best Leica M lenses featuring APO (apochromatic) correction. The lower resolutions, meanwhile, enable faster camera performance, extended burst lengths, and smaller files, making the M11 suitable for a variety of functions.

The Leica M11 features a sensitivity range from ISO64-50,000, recording 14-bit color images with up to 15 stops of claimed dynamic range. To handle all this data, a new Maestro III processor has been developed to offer more fluid and responsive operation over the M11’s predecessor, the Leica M10-R. Maintaining the iconic look of a traditional Leica M body, the M11’s design is focused on efficiency and ergonomics. The camera controls have been arranged in a unique layout around a new 2.3 million pixel touchscreen. The menu structure remains consistent with that of the Leica SL2 and Leica Q2, serving to unify the interface for a more user-friendly experience.  In the spirit of improving ergonomics without obstructing access to the battery and SD card, users will have the option to complement the M11 with a newly designed handgrip that doubles as a tripod mount, where the camera can be attached to Arca-Swiss-standard tripod heads without the need for any additional equipment.

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