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Leica M10-R Black Paint Finish

The Leica M10-R Now in All-Black Paint Finish

The painted finish of the camera will wear over time, exposing the brass underneath, showing off a lovely patina.

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$ 9,295

Leica has just unveiled another limited edition version of its Leica M-10R full-frame rangefinder camera, called the Black Paint Finish. The M10-R Black Paint marks the first time Leica will use the painted finish on any M10-generation camera, either regular production or a special edition. Rather, the brand had opted instead to employ the more matte and hard-wearing black chrome on the M10 cameras. The high-gloss paint finish will apparently wear over time to reveal the brass underneath, which will “slowly expose itself as you imprint your use on the camera over a long period of time.”

The high-gloss black finish has been a favorite of Leica fans for decades, as it is reminiscent of the 1960s when Leica cameras were used by photojournalists, producing worn, vintage examples that are still highly prized. Aside from this high-gloss finish, the Leica M-10R Black Paint Finish is essentially identical to the standard model with the exception of some external details that distinguish this new design variant: The addition of the classic Leica lettering with an ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany’ engraving on the top plate and the omission of the red Leica dot for an understated, refined and unobtrusive appearance. Leica will produce only 2,000 units of the M10-R Black Paint Finish.

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