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Leica Q2

Leica Q2 Camera

The long-awaited successor to Leica’s popular compact, fixed-lens camera is a revelation.

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$ 4,995

The Leica Q was for those who wanted Leica quality and the wider candid shooting style of Leica but couldn’t stand manual focusing. Now the popular Q has a successor. Some technology is as beautiful as the art it produces, and the Leica Q2 is one of those rare machines. Designed with elegance, speed, and dizzying attention to detail, the Leica Q’s successor is a revelation that might redefine the limits of compact, fixed-lens cameras.

What makes the Q2 so much better than the already-impressive Q? For starters, it’s weather-sealed for maximum durability, and the updated 47 MP sensor has nearly double the pixels. The 28mm F1.7 Summilux ASPH. lens is unchanged, but it can still withstand the increased pixel count. A larger battery, more accurate autofocus, and new optical stabilization mode make it easier to take photos in any environment, and you can choose how to crop those photos later, because the camera stores your full frame exposures regardless of which shooting mode you select. And whether you’re shooting professional images or investing in a new hobby, you’ll enjoy a new customizable button that lets you choose your own settings and take even more control over the Q2.